Creative Movement & Yoga

I have created this workshop to explore the pathways to let go of the conventional ways many perceive dance and Yoga, and to, therefore, express freedom of movement.

Breaking down barriers and judgements, celebrating your uniqueness without limits.

Through various guided techniques, games and meditations.

The Workshop is unconventional –

We will explore Yoga, Ballet, breakdance, primal movement, body parts, emotions, elements and much more.

I have such a passion to share, come and join me.

What people have said about this workshop –

“I really enjoyed the Creative Movement and Yoga Workshop with Mimi. She made me feel relaxed and centred so that I was able to express myself naturally. Judgement was blown away, leaving acceptance, happiness and energy. Thank you, Mimi. 🙏😁❤️” – Corinne

“Mimi’s creative movement workshop was a pure delight from start to finish. I was a little apprehensive beforehand as any form of dance is way outside my comfort zone. However, it was so liberating and enjoyable to be able to move freely with abandonment and without any judgment. The creative content of the workshop was excellent and Mimi’s delivery and energy were second to none. I came away with such good vibes that lasted all day. I am really looking forward to the next one.” – Karen

“Thank you, MiMi! It was a fantastic workshop with so many different elements. I was really nervous at the start as dancing does not come naturally to me, but by the end, I felt I had completely let go and was moving without thinking. Can not wait for the next one!” – Katie

Thank you so much for everyone’s amazing feedback…

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Available for bookings Worldwide. Please do get in touch if you would like more information.

“I want people to move and have fun, boom boom”