How do you feel about MESS?

MESSY Hair, MESSY Home, MESSY Relationship, MESSY Life, MESSY Mind…

Whatever the MESS, ‘Fact’ it is always going to appear.

I love MESS, I’m grateful to MESS, and I would not be where I am in life without it.

MESS is my most prominent teacher; MESS has taught me more about myself than anything else; MESS is a part of life I have learnt to love.

MESS comes in all shapes and sizes.

Can you imagine a life without MESS, wow how boring would that be It like saying, imagine a day without night, beginnings without endings.?

Ok, let me explain my view of why I love MESS so fricken much. I see a lesson in every MESSY moment, and I see the beauty beneath it all.

Mess does not dictate who we are; MESS appears to teach us where we need to become clear. MESS is a little reminder that we are human, and its a part of our life.

For example, let me create a little story – 

“My dishes on the kitchen side start to build, day after day they sit there, they begin to get mouldy and stink, really not a pleasant picture I’m painting here I know. I then start to close the kitchen door to avoid the messy pots until I finally run out of dishes to eat on and cups to drink from. “

There are a couple of options.

  1. Add to the mess, avoid the dishes, buy some new ones, and let the pile of pots build up.
  2. Take action clear the MESS , clean a cup and a plate.

I choose option 2; I decide not to put to much pressure on myself and wash a little bit at a time until, over a few days, the dishes are all sparkling clean and back in the cupboards.

I have now learnt that it’s easier not to let the mess build-up; avoiding the MESS only leads to suffering. The mess will never go away until we take action; small steps lead to significant results, just one step at a time until soon this becomes second nature . I eat my food, I wash the dishes and deal with the mess by taking responsibility.

So, where am I going with all of this? Why on earth are you talking about the dishes, you may say. I was using the dishes as a metaphor for our minds and our bodies.

How much mess have we shoved away, closed the door on, hoping that one day it will disappear on its own accord.

I’m sorry to be the bearer of this bad news—it won’t.

But then I have some fantastic news to share; you can start to declutter today; let’s call it a mini spring clean.

Can you now see how MESS is actually a beautiful lesson, showing up in our lives to give us a little nudge to take some time to have a MESSY clear out? 

I can be your cleaning assistant if you like, sharing the tools I use to clear my mind of MESS.

The key is first you need to observe the mess, own it, and know that you have the power to take control of it.

Here are a few MESSY questions?

What MESS are you attaching on to and why?

What is your MESS telling you?

What actions can you take to clear your MESS?

Would you like to come and join me? I have a Spring Clean Zoom workshop tomorrow at 10 am; send me a message for the details. Connect with me here

Spring is a time for renewal, decluttering and clearing the mess, and planting seeds for growth and joy.

Love your MESSY cleaning assistant Mimi 🧼 🧽 🧹

If you would like me to be your MESSY mentor through movement and mindset, please do get in touch; I would love to connect.

I would love to connect