Well, I can only describe the events of this morning as somewhat absurd.

So, here it goes. I’m going to bullet point.

– Rising to darkness and a chilly house

– Showered and ready for the freezing bike ride to teach a Yoga session.

– Layered up, I mean yoga legging, joggers, two pairs of socks, my snow jacket, snood, insulated hat and gloves.

– Whilst fitting my new bike lights, I stood in a big puddle of water, seeping through my double layer of socks. Not enough time to change, I have to leave.

– I arrive at my Yoga class, dripping in sweat, boiling hot. There was no need to double layer as the weather was very mild.

– I led a beautiful hip opening flow, followed by a guided relaxation, everyone blissful and peaceful on there Yoga mats.

I felt something irritating me in my jumper, under my armpit. I ventured down to remove the itchy item and placed it to the side of my mat. arrrhh a piece of black fluff, random I think.

Continuing with the relaxation, out of the corner of my eye, I see the fluff begin to move, bear in mind I did not have my glasses on at this point. I reach behind me to grab my spectacles, wtf it’s a fricken wasp.

How long has he been snuggling under my armpit, where did he come from?, does he know I’m vegan?, lol, has he stung me?, are any of his friends also hibernating in my clothes?, now I’m itching all over.

While trying to keep my calm, and a relaxing voice, I pick the little fellow up with my sock and take him over to the side of the room. A few steps in he has disappeared, oh no, now he’s gone in my fricken sock, but then I spot him chilling on the skirting board. This scenario I can only imagine is a once in a lifetime experience, well at least I hope.

– After the session, I venture home for a quick brew, before heading back on my bike to my next session, minus a few layers.

– Leaving the house, I stepped in doggy doodie (pooh) I got my bike tangled in an old airer out of the bin.

– I fought strong winds against me on the uphill journey, my thighs burning all the way.

– I arrived and led to another excellent session. Everyone calm and ready for the day ahead, and…

– The heavens opened, torrential rain and hail.

– I waited a few moments before heading outdoors back on my bike. Perched on my wet seat, ventured downhill got hit by a branch sticking into the pavement.

– Most importantly I smiled, I laughed all the way home, how fricken grateful I am.

A cosy bed, a job I love, compassion for all creatures, the winds and the rain, the plants, my pooches, my bike, my legs that get me there, my health, the list is endless…

Love, rain, airers and doggy doodie

Just Mimi xxx

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