Each week I try something new, I focus my attention on something whether that be creating a better quality of sleep, practising non-judgement, studying Sanskrit, making time to be creative etc., the list goes on, all leading fulfilling the healthiest & conscious life I can.

This week I am experiencing only raw plant food. (I did plan to start last week, but a vegan burger & beer won over 😂)

So this week raw plant-based, with the addition of no sugar, salt and oil, which I do anyway.

Yesterday was day one, and boy the food was terrific, all lovingly prepared my amazing Rico.
I awoke this morning feeling fresh and vibrant.

Sat here with my organic herbal tea and ready to have a handful of bananas, a spicy apple cider vinegar & wheatgrass shot to follow (not mixed may I add)

It’s about listening to your body, your mood, being aware, seeing what makes you feel good, what lifts you up and what draws you down.

So day one has a big fricken yeah from me, bring on day 2.

What lifts you up?❤️

”Be the hero of your story.”

Lots of Love & bananas ❤️ 🍌

Just Mimi ❤️

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