I AM ▲

For the past 10 years, I have been on a journey of self-discovery. Searching for answers, who am I?

Why am I here? What is this all about?

We are all on this journey, just some of us are more aware of it than others, some never asking the question throughout their entire lives, who am I?

Enlightenment- a fancy word you have possibly heard before, meaning infinite peace and happiness, the true nature of reality.

We strive to reach this place of Enlightenment, unaware that we already are Enlightened.

It’s only when you begin to delve deeper, we start to see that this is our true essence, it’s each and every one of us.

I have taken many different paths, some easier than others, some I connected to, some I didn’t, books, YouTube, documentaries, yoga, Meditation, Vipassana, the list goes on…
All of which has led me to exactly where I am today, exactly where I started…

This past weekend, I attended a 3-day event hosted by Rupert Spira on Non-Duality.

Something clicked, something I already knew, yet something I continue to search for daily.

This weekend I was brighter than ever before, I used no techniques to get me there, no yoga moves, no meditations following my breath. I took the ‘direct path’.

I sat with me, stripped back the layers, the thoughts the feelings the perceptions, and asked who am I?

What is it that is aware of all these things?

With this I understood, I am a knowing, I am Consciousness, everything is Consciousness, this is essential nature of reality, and ourselves.

I am all that there is, has been, and ever will be!

I am…

I am an infinite space of awareness, I am infinite knowing, I am infinite peace, I am infinite love, I am infinite everything, as is everyone else, and everything else… how powerful does that sound? How powerful does that feel??

No suffering, no turmoil resides in me. I am pure bliss

No matter how many books we read, YouTube clips we watch, the true essential self is always present, It never leaves.

If you had to take a step towards yourself, how would you get there? Which direction would you choose?

Lots of Love & tulips 💐❤️

From Amsterdam ❤️

Just Mimi ❤️

I would love to connect