Yesterday after a beautiful day out in France, my mother and her husband dropped myself and Rico in the tiny little quaint village, we decided to go for 1 beer, then a walk back down the river in time for tea, and make my contribution of spicy parsnip soup.

Did things go as planned…

We approached a small and cute looking Bar, the door was locked, but then a lady came out to let us in. A bar full of cats, inside it still looked closed, yet somehow we were welcomed in.

We then went on to attempt in a mix of School French and English as to which beers they served.

I’m not really an expert when it comes to beers, so I left the decision making to Rico.

The man at the bar was also explaining something about the beers, saying this one is 8 degrees and this one is 10 degrees.

Extremely peculiar I thought, beers at different temperatures, how little I know, and also wow is this going to be warm beer? It all seemed very advanced for this tiny little bar.

2 Delerium Christmas beers we ordered, it was dark and cold ( the beer ) and somewhat tasty. We sat in the front porch area together with the cats, cats, and beer an excellent combination.

Within a short while, halfway down my glass, I started to feel somewhat tipsy.

We ordered one more but moved into the central bar area where the lady blasted a gas heater in my direction, I knew this would lead to me feeling even tipsier, now I don’t know why, but heat and alcohol do not mix for me.

We chatted and got into deep conversations about consciousness, very deep indeed…

I decided 2 beers was enough, let’s head back to mums make the soup and have tea.

To put it frank in simple words I was DRUNK.

On the way home Rico explained to me about the strengths of the beers, and it clicked, a spark lit up in my head, and I understood finally, the man at the Bar was not on about the temperature of the beer but the strength.

I now understand why I felt like I did.

Lesson learned, I really do need to improve my French and they do not make beers at different temperatures or do they?

Lots of love

Just Mimi

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