Let’s talk shit…

Just Breathe, Relax and let that shit go !!!


My mother once told me a saying, that has stuck with me forever…

Firstly because my mum saying something like this is very out of the norm, the beautiful mother that does not swear, I was not even permitted to use the word fart as a child…

Secondly, the more I think about it, it’s so fricken right…

“Shit sticks together”

Take a minute and think about it, a beautiful visualisation for you all on this glorious day. Shit really does stick together.

Okay so initially I think my mum was telling me this quote in the sense of people, a group, I must have been having one of those days, hard times, maybe feeling left out, bullied, threatened etc. There were many moments during my lifetime, where this quote sprung to mind, I can’t pinpoint the exact original moment, but hey ho let’s talk now, the truth…

Shit happens, each and every one of us can relate to shit, it happens to us all, its a part of life, we can’t eliminate it, we can’t avoid it altogether, but we can make changes to how we respond to it…

Starting with eat shit, feel shit, shit sticks together…

So I’m talking much more than the food we eat, I’m talking about life, I am sure we all agree, we all have shit days, shit memories, shit circumstances, shit feelings and much much more.

Let me begin with an example…

A friend or colleague maybe has said something to you that you don’t agree with, something that has got you back up. You don’t react instantly, but your stomach is in knots your body starts to tense, and you feel anger burning up inside.

The next day you wake up not wanting to go to work and be in the presence of this person, you feel angry, and just wish you could stay in bed, take a day off.

You head to work, feeling anxious. You arrive at work and see the so said person talking to other colleges, you begin to get paranoid thinking they are talking about you, so you sit alone, your mind is all over the place, feeling insecure, nervous and clammy.

The workday ends, you head out for tea with friends and family, but spend your time talking about and thinking about the events of the past 2 days, leading to a constant headache.

Things escalate, you begin to feel sick, start eating crap, or begin to drink lots, thinking this will solve things, avoiding the reality, or will be the answer to the situation, your health begins to deteriorate.

Time goes on, and things get worse, you feel depressed….

That’s a lot of shit right, from one small shitty moment, one thing leading to another, magnify, increasing, shit leading to more shit…

“Shit sticks together.”

Let’s break that down –

You feel good – Then Pow – Tense – Tired – Anxious – Paranoid – Lonely – Insecure – Nervous – Overthinking – a Headache – Sickness – Over eating – Alcohol – Depressed…

The above example was fictionalised entirely in my mind and might seem quite exaggerated to some, but I’m sure we can all relate to the point I’m trying to deliver.

Negative attracts negative, shit equals more shit, but how much shit will you allow?

So my point is, which I’m sure we all know, why do we all put ourselves through moments like this, when we are in control of our own thoughts and emotions, we needn’t have let this amplify, to where it affects our health, ruins our days. It can also have a knock on effect to others, so on and so on…

What can you do to control this…

My top tips for letting that shit go…

Question –

Is this shit going to benefit me in any way? Can I step away, let it go?

Answer –

Of course, you can, firstly you are aware, you’re tuned in, you know you have choices… 

Secondly, accept it, shit does happen to all of us, now is time move on, don’t let it weigh you down.

Be open to change, it the one thing that is constant, and things may not always go as you have envisaged and planned, have no expectations.

Try and find the positive, grow and learn from this experience. Be strong, believe in yourself, you can do this.

Everything that happens is meant to happen, it’s just how you react and deal with it, the outcome can be diverse.

Remember the shit that someone else put on you is not yours it theirs, they too have scars to heal, shit is being given to them, let it go, don’t put it on yourself and so on…

Take some time alone, don’t react instantly, meditate, a walk in nature, read a book, take your mind off it, go and do a Yoga class, an art class, get creative, let it go…

Let go of what does not serve you, step by step, day by day, moment by moment, let that shit go…

Thank for reading my shitty little blog…

I never thought I would be writing something like this, a blog about shit ha, I was almost going to apologise if I offended anyone, but then I thought, sorry not sorry, I’m just me, doing what I do…

I have over my life have both given and taken lots of shit, every day is a new day, a lesson learnt, ups and downs will always be around. Yet every day I say thanks, give gratitude for my life…

Have a wonderful day

Lots of love

Just – Mimi 

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. Abbie Brill says:

    Well shit, this is awesome!! ☺
    Shit deserves to be on the bottom of a shoe tred down into the mud.
    Thoroughly enjoyed myself reading your blog 💘


  2. You are so right.
    Love reading your blogs, they always reach very deep into my soul.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. justmimi says:

      Hi lovely, you are a beautiful bright light, thank you, I’m grateful to have met you ❤️❤️❤️


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