Sometimes it’s much more than what we feel on the surface, delve deeper, find the cause, slow down, take time, listen to your body, be kind your body.

For a while now I have to admit I have been a little bit careless, I have had a twinge in my knee, after ignoring the pain thinking it would just go away alone, it got worse, to the point where it has affected my yoga practice, having to almost back off entirely.

For me, this is so hard, as those who know me will know I love to push and challenge myself.

I decided to make some changes, slow down, let go of my ego and be gentle, and you know what I love it.

More meditation and a gentle yoga flow is just what I need.

I have also introduced some strengthening exercises to my morning routine for my abductors, glutes and some soft hip openers to mend my knee, having to back off for the meanwhile from anything that causes aggravation and pain, no lotus, no binds.

Thank you Emily Young Yoga for your beautiful, wise words and advice.

So the moral of this story is to be kind to your body, you have just the one, take care, honour it, listen to it, take time.

Whatever aches, pains or tension you feel or illnesses you have, you can heal, listen to what your body is telling you, no pressure, no judgement.

Self care is a Devine responsibility.

Lots of love ❤️ 

Just Mimi


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