What is your driving force? Inspired by the book, I am reading Rise Sister Rise. I loved this chapter and wanted to share. Which drives you each day, for many many years I was undoubtedly motivated by pressure.

“I must do this, I can’t let anyone down, what will they think” etc



I should stop reading my book, feeling guilty, get out of bed, I have so much to do, and it must be done now. I can’t let anyone down, I need to Up my game, I have 3 classes later today. This morning I should be going for a run, then make my list, learn some new things, make my classes better, improve for others. What if I don’t get everything done today. I should not go out to lunch with my friend, I have to much to do, and if it’s not done, I will stress which will lead to panic and then the fear of failure.


How blessed am I to have 30 minutes in a comfy bed reading my book and writing this. I have space to do my yoga flow and meditate right here. I get to work my days at home sat at my cute little desk drinking water and snacking on lush food from my very own fridge, I even can spend the day in my P.Js if I wish, doing what I love ❤️

I get to pop out to meet a friend for lunch this afternoon for an hour, then back to my cosy house, preparing for my evening classes. Again doing what I love, teaching yoga & dance sharing my passion, my heart, with so many beautiful people. Being creative. Wow-what a lovely day and how lucky am I ❤️

What do you choose?

What will you let drive your day, pressure or pleasure?

Lots of love

Just – Mimi

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