Do something different, out of the ordinary, step out of your comfort zone, take a risk. Be the true you, follow your heart ❤️

Why do we care so much what other people think? their opinions, their words…

Why do we let them affect us, why do we let anything externally affect us. When we should be proud of who we are, believe in our beauty, believe in our strengths, believe in who we are…

Today I took myself for a spontaneous afternoon walk. I wore super comfy clothes, no preparation, no thought, just go, let’s go on a mini-adventure alone. Nothing matched, paint-splattered and holes in my trousers, spotty ski socks and a comfy worn out jumper and my super snuggly mustard puffer jacket.

I wandered through the beautiful forest chanting ohm out load, I hugged and stroked a few trees 🌲 jumped on trees, banged my shin, but laughed to myself, splashed in puddles and squelched in the mud and kicked the autumn leaves. I lay down in the middle of the trees on the soft bark coated floor watching the trees sway from side to side the leaves 🍃 🍁 falling like feathers in the wind. Mother Nature in all her magical glory ❤️ and wow I was also blown away, lost in another world, mesmerised by the beauty before my eyes on a random Wednesday afternoon walk.

This might be somewhat mild for most. Walking in the forest chanting a few sounds I hear you say… but for me, it’s small steps, small steps away from my insecurities, my fears of judgement of criticism. Taking to heart what anyone would say. Back in the day someone only needed to glance and look at me for me to feel paranoid and anxious.

I used to worry so much about opinions of others. It’s taking me quite some time to break through this vulnerability.

Now I am going in quite the opposite direction, turning somewhat into a hippy as I have been told by close friends and family. But I love this, I feel this is a true recognition of who I am. Carefree, loves nature and a free spirit.

After writing this little blog I thought let’s google hippy and voila it’s correct, well minus the drugs and the label, hmmm so let’s remove the label and just be me, just-Mimi…


(especially in the 1960s) a person of unconventional appearance, typically having long hair and wearing beads, associated with a subculture involving a rejection of conventional values and the taking of hallucinogenic drugs.


flower child, bohemian, dropout, free spirit, nonconformist, unconventional person; flower people

I don’t have many rules in life, just be, just be yourself, be true, be kind, be loving and caring, don’t hurt others, don’t hurt yourself, ahimsa…

That said go and have fun, do something new, laugh, smile, scream out load, tell a stranger they are beautiful, climb a tree, run naked in the rain, take a bike ride and sing your favourite song, wear something crazy, have a little dance in the supermarket…

If you need to fart, do it, do we really need to worry?  we all do it, correct? .I did one in my Yoga class tonite, oops, I had a flush of embarrassment, I could have gone down the slope of fear punishing myself with the thoughts of others, but I stopped myself, it happened no one was hurt, chuckle and carry on…

We all do it, right???  Answers please… let’s be honest…

Be true to yourself, your amazing!

Love and bananas ❤️  🍌


What fears and insecurities do you have ?

How do you overcome these fears and let them go?

What have you done to step out of your comfort zone?

I would love us to share our stories and support each other xxx

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  1. Paola x says:

    I love how you have accepted the vulnerability we all feel- well me anyway and have strided forwards anyway. Acceptance of who we are is very difficult – I’m not there yet! But I think when that happens you can be open to a whole new world ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. justmimi says:

      Hi Paola
      Yes not quite there too, baby steps, but be aware of why we feel how we do, a pattern from childhood maybe, or what society has taught us to believe. One step one day at a times, accept the ups and accept the downs.
      It’s helping me to speak out 😀
      Thank you for writing ❤️

      Have a beautiful day ❤️


  2. Keeley johnston says:

    I love your outlook. Your inspiring. X x your words and advice really resonates with me as i want strive to be more in the now and also listen to my body.. xx thank you x


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