SNOWGA a magical place

SNOWGA my magical place ❤️


Many of you know my love and passion for Yoga, but have a I told you about my love of the snow, let me share….

Childhood memories of snowy winters days are always so magical to children, the transformation and beauty, covering the streets with a fresh white blanket of softness. Rising early in the morning to check whether the snowflakes had fallen and laid a cotton wool carpet glistening with a billion diamonds ready to be stepped on. The first touch of the snow, and feel the crunch under my wellies, even if it’s only 1 centimetre deep, this was bliss to me, this where my love of snow started.

Then some many many years later in my 30’s, I took my first trip to the Austrian Alps, I had no idea what to expect, I had seen pictures, done a bit of research online, but was nothing to prepare me for what was about to come.

Arriving late at night in the village, with its pretty lights and traditional chalets made of wood, how pretty and quaint i thought…

The following day I ventured on a gondola, or two to the peak of the mountain, a tad bit nervous of how high I was going, and how long it was taking to reach the summit, from the tiny village I had no idea the mountains were so vast.

I stepped off the Gondola to feel the hit of the fresh crisp air, and the sensation of the sun gently warming my skin, I’ve never seen anything so bright.

Walking to the edge of the mountain for my very first attempt at snowboarding, wow, my breath was taken away! I had never seen so much beauty in my whole life.

No picture, videos, TV programs or dreams could ever prepare you for what I saw, the most beautiful view I’ve ever experienced… 

So I’m going to skip forwards a few years, jump past the times learning to snowboard, the ups and the downs ( I mean that literally ) lol, and share with you what snowboarding and being in the mountains means to me…

Yoga and Snow has touch my heart in so many ways…

Once I reached the peak of the mountain and breathed in the fresh air, I feel a instance surge of peace, the stillness around, just me and nature, the beauty that surrounds me.

When I get on my snowboard and take the journey down the slopes, I am present, I am one with nature, one with me and my board, the mountains guiding me, trusting in myself, riding with the mountain.

For me its the same with Yoga, I step on my mat, and let go of my worries, I put to one side any problems and fears, and become one, bringing myself into the present moment, a place of peace and love, all is perfect in this ‘now.’

However, as with Snowboarding, the Yoga asanas can sometimes become a challenge, but in reality this isn’t true, I am not my thoughts, I am not my mind, I’ve learn to let go of my fears, my judgement, my criticism of myself, I’m me, JUST BE…. 

Its not about the destination its about the journey, and the journey is NOW….

So all this talk about Snow and Yoga,  its getting me super excited for April 2018, where I will be teaching Yoga and meditation at a amazing Snow – Yoga retreat in the beautiful French Alps.

15th – 22nd April

I would love you to join me on the slopes and on the mat.


A retreat of a lifetime where the only drama you will come to experience is the dramatic mountain landscape.

Step away from your busy life and get ready to push your boundaries on this fully inclusive retreat to nourish the mind, body and soul while taking to the slopes for epic adventures.

Harness the power of Khione, the Goddess of snow. Enjoy daily lessons with high quality instructors and afternoon yoga sessions to ease the body complete with amazing clean foods to allow true transformation getting you out of a rut and feeling energised and empowered.

No matter what your current level is, we include high quality private group instruction to help take your ski/boarding to the next level.

Picture yourself out on the slopes, sunshine on your face, with a group of other like minded women having the time of your life.

Finishing off your day with yoga and meditation sessions to ease your body with a soak in the hot tub and sauna before sitting down to a meal of amazing clean foods.

Sounds bliss right? Get in touch come and join us, do something for you, you deserve it, your amazing.

Love and Bananas and snowflakes

Just Mimi xxx

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