How tree pose changed my life (Vrksasana)

How tree pose changed my life (Vrksasana)

The lessons I have learnt through yoga, and the journey it’s taking me on is unbelievable, it’s the most magnificent journey ever. It’s had is fair shares of ups and downs, digging deep into my soul peeling back the layers, and searching for answers, answers that until now I have only just realised have always been within, and one yoga asana has taught me the most, it has changed my life.

Tree pose – Vrkasana

I met an excellent yoga teacher named Kelly from Yogatime in 2015 for a few 1-2-1 yoga classes, who now happens to be whom I share a house with and like a sister to me. At a time when I felt I needed something more. She led me through a beautiful hatha yoga practice, we then came to the tree pose, I was wobbling all over the place, finding it hard to focus, putting pressure on myself, frustrated, which in turn made my balance worse. Then something she said that changed my life forever, I will never forget that moment.

“If you fall, just pick yourself right back up and try again”, simple words but, but life-changing. We all have days when we balance, we all have days when we fall, we all have days of sadness, we all have days of joy, but whenever we fall. We pick ourselves up, and we try again, growing stronger and stronger, accepting what is, letting go, not judging ourselves, not criticising ourselves. When the wind blows we may fall, when a storm hits we may fall, and when we do trust and believe that we can stand back up proud, a tree rooted firmly to the ground growing stronger and stronger day by day.

“If you fall, just pick yourself right back up and try again”

Thank you yoga for the lessons I continue to learn, from each and every asana, each and every breathe, and thank you Kelly for sharing your wonderful analogy that I now share with my students, and hopefully we will all learn how beautiful we are, if we let in the light, shine bright and blossom like a tree.

Learning to balance often has more to do with your mental state than your physical abilities. If you’re stressed and tense and your mind is all over the place, your body is likely to replicate that. And, of course, the very practice of trying to balance can be stressful. Most of us, as we try to adjust, have negative thoughts like “I can’t do this” or “Everyone’s watching me wobble.”

Here are a few things to help your tree pose, that helped me…

Your Breath: Focus upon to your breath this helps unite body and mind and establish a state of calm.

Direct Your Gaze: Also called drishti, a steady gaze helps focus your mind. In Vrksasana, keep your gaze on the horizon, or a fixed point directs energy forward to keep you stable.

Visualize Your Tree: Imagine that you are a tree—with your feet rooted firmly in the earth and your head extending up toward the sun. 

Love and Light

Just- Mimi ❤️

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  1. Jason Pennycooke says:

    Thanks Mimi,

    I needed that. Hope you’re well x.

    Jason x


    1. justmimi says:

      Hi Jason how are you? Yes it’s about the lessons we learn along the way that make us stronger and who we are today ❤️

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