One with nature…

This morning was magical, gratefully waking up in a comfy bed, Dave and Jim-bob wagging their tails and giving morning kisses, excited to see me wake. Unconditional love.

A fresh black coffee while☕️ doing my mornings I AM’s.

Then I change, and then begin the 20-minute walk to the park. I love the mornings, the fresh air, the quiet streets, the stillness of the lake, the birds singing, the scent of flowers, the rustle of leaves 🍃
Just me and nature.

As I walk through the park, I feel my body tingle, I feel happy tears in my eyes, my cheeks ache as I walk with a smile, such beauty around. I hug trees 🌲 yes I said “I fricken love hugging trees.”🌳😀

I don’t just hug them I connect with them, our energy is one. I connect with nature, I feel so alive, I feel so peaceful. I sit by the lake to meditate. I read a few pages from my book.📚 I’m in such a beautiful place, I decide to do it all again another lovely trip around the lake, there is no rush, enjoy the now 🐝 🎁

Take time to immerse yourself into nature, connect with Mother Earth. 🌏 Hug a tree 🌲

The only thing I missed this morning was earthing, walking bare feet 😀

Have a blissful day❤️

Love and bananas ❤️🍌

Just Mimi 🌸💞🌺

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