I’m so full up with love at the moment I had just to share ❤️🐮❤️

Just a tiny little story I could not resist sharing this beautiful moment. I will be blogging soon about my week in the stunning Normandy Countryside on our Bliss in France Yoga Retreat. ❤️

I have had the most fantastic evening sitting with these lovely handsome chaps. Playing classical music, mantras, meditating and seriously connecting like I can’t start to explain.
We are one ☝️❤️
I told each and every one of them I love them, my heart breaks for them, I cried, they cried 😪seriously, it was so intense, surreal and deep yet so true so peaceful.
The time we shared was bliss a rainbow in🌈 the sky the sun shining down the rain lightly falling like tears. A moment I will cherish forever ❤️❤️❤️

Love for all living creatures ❤️🐮❤️

Have a blissful day❤️
Love and bananas ❤️🍌
Just Mimi 🌸💞🌺

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