Some may call it a mid-life crisis. I call it change. The hardest part has been accepting the change, a quote I read recently, which made all seem so much clearer…

Heraclitus, the pre-Socratic Greek philosopher, who said that “Change is the only constant in life” to highlight the need for all of us to always plan for and be ready for the change in every aspect of our lives. The same philosopher illustrated the point about change being ever-present by saying “No man ever steps into the same river twice”. An ever-flowing river is there and even has a name, yet the water in it keeps changing so that from one second to the next it is indeed a different river.


For those that know me, you may know me as Streetdance / breakdance teacher Mimi, and yes this was me for many many years, 22 years, in fact, that’s a long time right?. Over the past few years, my passion for dance has faded out somewhat, I was scared to face up to this, scared to share, as dancing is all I knew and all I have ever done, feared what others would say, did not want to hurt anyone. My feelings are due to some reasons, or are they? Is there a reason? I ask myself?. 

Do we stay doing the same thing our whole life? does this mean that I have got things wrong? So many questions I have asked myself…

NO, not at all!!!. I have been on exactly the path I was meant to be on, during the last 7 years I have learnt so much about myself, but more so in the previous 9 months. 

This was when everything in my life turned upside down. The end of a 7-year relationship, a relationship I thought was forever, I was devastated, a solemn time to think, to reflect, and one day it clicked, I  realised I wanted to do more in my life, only I can make these changes, only I am in control of my thoughts, my dreams and where I choose to go.


So after a hard, heartbreaking few months, and I mean really really hard, not knowing where I wanted my life to go, seeing no future, at times wishing it would just come to an end, as at the time I felt that would be the easy option. 

My primary focus had to be on myself, learning to love the person I am, learning to believe in myself, accept who I am. Reading lots of books, listening to guided meditations and practising yoga daily, slowly day by day things got more comfortable, things became more evident, I found stillness in my life, and now I can say I feel the strongest I ever have, I know my purpose. I believe everything is possible, I put complete faith in the Universe, I trust my intuition, I follow my heart, and have grown from the darkness and now shine bright, I fricken love myself…

And with this newfound confidence, trust and love everything is changing, my dreams are manifesting into reality, I know my future is bright, I see so much beauty in the World and all the people I meet. Positive always attracts positive.

I have a vision, its beautiful, it may change and not go exactly to plan, but wherever I go, I will know its exactly where I am supposed to be.

I will not say bye to the past, I will not say good-bye to the beautiful kids at the dance school. As for now I will still be around, and in the future, they will always be in my heart, I will never be far, I would not change a thing, my dance journey has been beautiful, yes its had downs and hard times, but the good times are what I will remember. I am so blessed to have crossed paths with all the amazing children and their families. I will say thank you for it all, as the past it what has made me who I am today. Therefore I am truly grateful.

I plan to travel the world next year, explore, teach yoga, write, learn, grow and be free as a bird. (So if anyone has any contacts, please please do let me know)

 Oh and the most amazing thing ever happened to me recently, something I did not envisage I fell madly in love, wildly in love with myself and madly head over heels in love with a guy named Rico ❤️

I am exactly where I am supposed to be…


Tune Into Love

Love is the force that moves the entire universe. To tap into love, it’s crucial to understand how love works. Love is grace. Love is helping. Love is caring and sharing. Love is disciplining when destructive behaviour arises. Love is tolerance and understanding. It is so much more than emotion, and it is always there if you tap into it. 

Become a loving influence on all whom you encounter. By prioritising love in your life, you will attract more of it for yourself from the universe. Practice this, and watch your life fall in line, without any perceived control or input from you—only loving intentions. By Leo Carver

Love and Bananas ❤️ 🍌

Just Mimi

“We cannot become what we need to be by remaining what we are.”

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  1. Hi Mimi,
    Your thoughts and yoga teachings are inspiring. Keep spreading the love
    Sas x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. justmimi says:

    Thank you sarah. I am finally just being me and accepting that, living each day and each moment as if the first.

    Have a beautiful day ❤️

    Love and bananas ❤️🍌

    Just Mimi 🌸💞🌺


  3. Jenna Robinson says:

    I can relate to a lot of your thoughts and feelings. You should be proud of how brave you are to follow what your heart truly wants. Lots of love J xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. justmimi says:

      Thank you Jenna, it’s not always easy but we all can do it.
      Love and bananas ❤️🍌

      Just Mimi ❤️


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