Day 1 –

I could not sleep with excitement, the cockerels swalking, the birds singing, plus the fact that my body clock was a bit confused as I was going to bed when I should be getting up, and getting up when I should be going to sleep.

Coffee on the terrace then picked up by the beautiful Gina who took me for a tour on her scooter around Ubud. Wow, this place is magical, then a blissful yoga flow on the veranda of her house overlooking the paddy fields, just like a scene from a movie. A free flow, just being, she gave me small yellow post-it notes, to write on if anything came up, just for me, at the end of my flow when I settled I felt tears of happiness and joy well in my eyes, my hand took to the pen, and the words flowed.

Don’t think, trust and believe.

Find your stillness.

Never felt so calm in my whole life, it comes from within.

Stop thinking and let go.


I know the answers, I just need to do it and stop the chitter chatter, stop thinking, what if, there is no what if. It’s now.

I can heal, it’s time to let go of the past.

Trust, believe, be still.

Thank you, Gina, I love you.

I keep this post it safe in my journal, the beautiful Gina prepared a bowl of fresh papaya before a dip in the pool. Pure bliss, I’m in heaven.

I then ventured to a beautiful place to eat called, Seeds of life, a raw vegan café, I sat alone on the cosy cushions on the floor taking in the views, and the smiley faces around.

I ordered the warm Mexican raw lasagna and a green smoothie, the food was divine, I don’t think I have ever tasted so much freshness, with each mouthful, I could feel it nourishing every single cell in my body.

“Thank you mother earth” I knew this would be the first trip of many to seeds of life.

I opened my MacBook, and started to write, within an instant I knew that writing is what I want to do, I felt so at home, exactly where I was supposed to be, following my bliss.

Then the enchanting walk back to my homestay, a lovely double room, with a super comfy bed, a wardrobe, writing desk, and an open bathroom, with a stone sink, and plants growing in used water bottles, what more do I need, nothing.

Homestay Airbnb Bali. A sleepy afternoon, lay in bed, with the white mosquito net over me, feeling like a tropical princess. The window to my side a view of luscious green trees, the sounds of the birds, the scent of nature, dosing in and out of light sleep. I received a WhatsApp, my beautiful friend and now housemate Kelly had arrived in Ubud. So of out for another mini venture a 10-minute walk down the sunny street to her homestay, and a beautiful walk it was, continually smiling from ear to ear, with the sheer magic of Bali.

I was so happy to see her. We went for a stroll heading down a quaint street I had visited earlier in the day, for some fresh food and a smoothie, “I think I’m lost” I said, “this is not the street I meant for us to come down”. And that very moment I hear my name being called, in the middle of Ubud it was Gina what incredible timing and synchronicity. She asked us if we would like to join her and her friends for tea at Clear Café, another one of Balis many amazing places to eat, and that’s just what we did, a beautiful crowd of girls, all of which are yoga teachers, very Ubud so I hear.

We laughed, talked and all held hands under the full moon setting intentions and letting go, a powerful moment for all, I could feel the energy, the vibration’s, the magic, what a wonderful way to spend my first evening out in Bali, surrounded by beautiful souls.

We said our Namaste’s and ventured our separate ways for the evening, Kelly, and I went for a stroll around the block, (I’m not sure block is the right word here, but I’m sure you get my drift). Kelly does make me laugh, we have really connected as friends with a very understanding balance, I am so grateful she has come into my life….

Then to the local shop of many to purchase some water, thinking to myself I really do need to find a place to refill my metal water bottle though, as I am trying to avoid all things plastic.

I definitely don’t do plastic shopping bags, I always carry a small shopper in my bag, I have a Stainless Steel Water bottle
Environmental bamboo toothbrush and my new Bali purchase were a Reusable Glass Drinking Straws”, one thing at a time doing my little bit for the planet. Then a blissful walk to my beautiful home for the next 3 weeks, the moon shining brightly upon me, with its magical powers.


I will meditate then sleep, up bright and early for yoga tomorrow, I am in Paradise, following my bliss xxx

Blissful days in Bali. Dreams do come true.

A small change, as changes do happen every moment, within an instant thing’s can change, and we need to accept that. I started by blogging each and every moment of every day on my blissful Bali journey, I took a  moment and had to tell myself, it’s just too overwhelming, so from here on in, although I love to write, I decided I wanted to cherish every single moment, be present, be mindful, just be. So now and again, I would open my journal and write just a few words, words and moments to share. I feel so blessed that all my dreams are becoming reality.


8 months ago my life was so different, and not for one moment did I truly believe in miracles. I don’t have all the answers, and I have so much to learn, but I’m like a sponge for knowledge, wanting to learn about myself, my heart, my soul, who we are, understanding from the lessons we face the ups and the downs, the challenges, growing each and every moment.

Life is a Cycle and each and every moment we change, transform, but it’s how we think in each and every moment that effects our outcomes.

I am ecstatic, I am filled with love, I am growing every day, I feel such high vibrations. So I decided to share my story, my journey, my path, my blog.

We are all on a different path, but our destination is the same, do we all want the same things, you may agree!! Happiness, peace and most importantly love.

All the answers are within us, always have been and always will be, that sounds quite deep I hear you say, but it’s true and hopefully, through my stories, you too will see that miracles do come true, see your beautiful light, your soul, align with other bright lights and heal.

Some may say I have had a super quick, spiritual awakening and I would agree the last 12 months have been cosmic, I always knew there was something more, I always believed in something, I always wanted to give, share something special, saw the positive’s in everything and saw the beauty around, had a deep connection with nature, mother earth. My connection with animals is also something I have had from an early age I have felt a deep connection as long as I can remember, and now I understand why. We are one….

But now I see so clearly, through my yoga practice, meditations, reading books and mostly connecting and aligning with like-minded souls, lightworkers, I know exactly where I am supposed to be, and that’s right here, right now, it always has been, and always will be, to infinity and beyond.

The past 12 months have not all been easy, I have had to go deep into the darkness, let go and cut cords with things, people and places that don’t serve me, look at patterns I had formed in my lifetime, in relationships, at work, in my insecurities, start to understand why I am as I am, and once I start to understand these things I can heal, learning to love myself.

I then started to focus on my visions, where I want to go, what I want to do, my visions were clear, I have had the same vision for maybe 20 years, but only now since, I understand and put my belief and trust in the Universe, they have started to manifest, and so quickly, I’m here in Bali a place I have dreamt of forever, and within just a few months of believing and saying I AM going, I’m here, and it’s fricken amazing, thank you Universe.

So back to my story of Bali, every moment of every day has been magical, and I feel so blessed to be here, I am grateful for every moment.

Firstly, the people, wow, everywhere I look I see beautiful smiles, I see light in everyone’s eyes, I see kindness and joy, but I now see I see a reflection of myself. Bali has raised me up to another octave, my vibrations are high, I am light, and I see the bright light in others.

I have visited yoga classes and places like never before, my first class was at Radiantly alive, down a little lane, people started to gather for class, myself and Kelly bumped into 2 of the girls we had met the previous evening, already feeling a sense of home in Ubud.

We started the class by turning to speak to someone you have not met before, and telling each other what is love?

I flowed, normally to sit back and be insecure, the quiet one, and leave everything to others, fear of being judged, but I knew and believed in my answer, for me love is everything, love is what we are and what everything is, life is love, the universe is love, we are all one and we are love.

“Ultimately love is everything.”

We were then led through a beautiful flow, there were a few moments when I realized I was pushing myself too much, something I am more recently aware of. A lot of people think of yoga as just a physical practice, but it is much more than that, yoga means Union, it is a connection of mind, body and soul. It is at the times during my physical practice; I remember this and leads me deep within myself a place of home, a place of love. A saying I often use is “your yoga practice continues long after you have rolled up your mat” it is a state of being, a way of life, from the food we eat, the thoughts we have, the connections we feel.

So with this in mind, I quite often need to take a moment and check-in with myself, listen to my body, how do I feel, if I’m aching why?, if I’m tired have I ate something that was not good for me? or have a been pushing myself too much?. Look after yourself. Always have time for yourself, being on my yoga mat is a perfect place for me to do this.

“Fall in love with taking care of yourself, mind, body and spirit.”

Kelly and I then ventured for a delightful breakfast at a place called Bali Buddha, such a wonderful array of vegan options, I’m in vegan heaven, I opted for the porridge and wow it was so tasty, Kelly had the most colourful smoothie bowl I had ever seen.

In my amazing new book for Bali (Raise Your Vibration: 111 Practices to Increase Your Spiritual Connection) I  read about blessing your food, so from this day forth, that’s what Kelly and I decided to do. Although it was not quite the serene moment we had anticipated, we burst into fits of giggles, but beautiful, joyful belly hurting giggles. We then tucked in.

“Thank you universal life force, for blessing this food with unconditional love. I allow it to nourish every cell of my being.”

The following day, we went for a day trip, an excursion a magical, spiritual journey around the beautiful island of Bali. A super early rise, we were picked up by our lovely driver Gede, the first stop was to visit a healer. I had no expectations, a small sense of anticipation as I knew nothing of this, only from what I had seen in the movie with Julia Roberts, Eat, Pray, Love.

A short drive later we arrived, the first ones as we had been told by Gede the healer’s energies are stronger, it was just like the scene from the movie, a garden of temples, flowers and the sweet sound of the morning birds singing lullabies.


We walked to the temple area, where the healer named Cokorda Ria was seated, an elderly, but pleasant-looking man, aged with wisdom, but a sense of fun and laughter, nearby there was another man sat leaning on a post with a journal and pen, taking note of each and every moment (so I thought) a student of the master, a kind face and gentle eyes.

Gede asked us to sit, Kelly said she would go first, after said she could sense my anticipation there for offered, “thank you, Kelly, you are beautiful” I will learn to push through these fears though, and be the strong warrior I am.

I sat and watched, intrigued, enchanted something so wonderful and powerful. It was then my turn, he sat on a small wooden chair, a smiley chap with a friendly and peaceful face, a feeling of familiarity a feeling of comfort as if sitting with my grandfather. I sat with my back to him between his knees, he felt around me, my energy, my ora, he felt my head, prodded gently around my face. He then stopped, I turned to look at him, as I knew he was about to say something, he asked: “why are you have, you have no problems.”

I felt my heart stop, my breath come to stillness, a moment of confusion, I didn’t know if this was a good thing or a bad thing, then with his gentle smile, a sense of release, relief and pure gratitude, wow I’m ok, I have no problems.

There must be something I thought, he then went on to ask me what sport I did, I mentioned yoga and he told me I need to swallow more, “hmm what do you mean,” I thought, he explained swallow your saliva, the juice of life, smile during your yoga practice. I understood straight away he was so right, I knew one hundred per cent what he meant, I smile always, but during my asanas I can become quite strong and forget to swallow and breathe, since this moment this day my yoga practice has changed, I enjoy each moment a gentle smile on my face, swallowing the juice of life.

 “Note to self. Relax”

I then was asked to lie down on my back, and he prodded my toes with a little stick, he said this one is going to hurt, and he was right, the pain was unbearable, I jolted up, he laughed as did the others that had started to gather around the area, I actually almost hit him, but held back, I don’t think that would have gone down well at all, I took a deep breath and then I laughed, he held the stick to the point of pain until it slowly faded away, no more pain.

Next, he mentioned that I was soon going to have a connection of love on a spiritual level, and also mentioned children, that bit was something that kind of freaked me out slightly. He also picked up on my strong visions and said they will all be. The other man, the gentle-eyed one with the book and journal, then stood up over me, looked into my eyes and started his healing, guided by a selection of numbers the healer had told him, moving his arms in symmetrical shapes over my body, I was lost in his eyes, it felt so right, I was exactly where I was supposed to be.

Cokordas final words to me were “Keep smiling like Buddha” I loved this, and this I will do.

Next stop to the place myself and Kelly had talked about, the place Gede had suggested, the place that I knew would not resonate with me, my instincts told me way before we arrived, the cat pooh coffee place, yes you heard it correctly, they make coffee from cat pooh. (apologies for my spelling of the word poo, I think the added capital H on the end makes it all that bit nicer) The story goes, the wild cats eat the coffee beans and then crap them out, they are collected, processed and turned into a highly sort after coffee. My thoughts instantly were, 1- Yuk and 2-  this can’t be vegan, but I smiled and agreed to go.

Instantly, I felt the place was commercialized, not my off the beaten track kind of place I generally like to visit. We were met by a friendly and smiley guide who started to show us around the gardens the cacao tree, lemongrass, ginger, chocolate etc., that was when it all went downhill, I saw 2 cages. “these are the wild cats” he explained.

My heart sank, my heart hurt, 2 metal cages, not even 1-meter square, with no bottom just the scorching, raw, hard metal base, each with one piece of bark an empty metal water bowl and lonesome, malnourished looking cat each, I could not believe my eyes, instantly tears came flooding, my animal protector voice came out, I spoke up to the guide “this is so sad, why do you treat them like this, they do not deserve to be kept this way, this is torture, what gives you the right to keep these beautiful creatures locked up, all for a cup of cat shit fuckin coffee. Would you live in a cell-like this, no I don’t think so” I WAS SO ANGRY…….

The young man could sense my sadness and suggested I write to the owners of the plantation and this I will do. The cages were set in a huge area of land, filled with tropical plants, streams and all things nice. I totally do not agree with keeping any animal in captivity, but if they have to, please I beg you to make this into a huge enclosure, with a natural floor, trees, a stream etc., think would it be OK for you or a loved one, anything but this….

“Treat others how you wish to be treated yourself, including these beautiful, innocent creatures.”


We then went on to explore the rest of the grounds and sample some teas, I’m definitely not trying the cat fuckin shit coffee that’s for sure. (excuse my language) but things like this make me so angry, my blood boil.

I understand that we are all different and not all on the same path, and I accept everyone for who they are, but in my blog, and especially this particular part, I am so passionate, and I really want to express my feelings, my emotions, my hurt. And if just one person, will read and understand, take note, and make a change, then that’s amazing…

“Animals are beautiful, just as beautiful as we are as humans, we are one, and deserve to be treated the same”

So this was one part of Bali I definitely did not enjoy, but these things happen all over the world, and beings like myself need to raise awareness and help save these beautiful creatures, and that is just what I am going to do. This is just one of my many callings.

Next stop a Hindu temple, called bat temple a wonderful experience, giving offerings, then exploring the idyllic grounds, seeing the entrance to the enchanted bat cave, a cave that no one can enter, it is said to go on for miles, but we will never know.


Whoop Its beach time, back into the car for the 1.5-hour drive to the beach, this is super exciting, I’m not a big sun worshipper, I prefer to do things, get involved, explore, see culture, experience how the locals live, but right now the thought of a few hours on a sun lounger looking at the lagoon blue sea sounded bliss. Then came the clouds, the sky turned grey, and the heavens opened, the tropical rain beating down on the car. With no sign of it clearing we arrived at the quiet virtually empty beach, called Virgin Beach. Kelly and I having a little chuckle, how we had been taken to such an aptly named beach, always love a giggle we do…..

Let’s do this, here we come beach rain or shine. The rain was like something I have never seen before, so loud, so strong, but pleasantly warm, we ran under a parasol, speedily made a protective shield out of the sunbed cushions, and stripped back to our swimwear, holding hands as we ran like giddy children into the sea, the warm crystal clear sea, the rain beating down, I felt like we were in a scene from a movie, at one with nature, the power of the ocean, the freshness of the rain on my face, the softness of the sand below my feet, I am exactly where I am supposed to be.


“The World is full of beautiful things.”

At this moment I knew my life was going to be amazing, I believe in miracles, I believe in magic, I trust in the universe, I am one with the universe, I am, you are, we are love….

I could have stayed in the sea forever, but I was time to move on, let’s head back to Ubud….

Kelly and I decided there was absolutely no point in getting changed, we were already we were soaked to the core, and it felt fricken amazing, exhilarating, refreshing, and by the looks of things going to get even wetter, if that was even possible, so we ran to the beach café under the shelter, where we took a moment to take in the beauty around, closing my eyes and taking some time to be, to just be…….

Now, this is where it gets hilarious, the time I laughed like never before, trekking back through the jungle, to the car, through the swamps, the mud, half-naked. Gede ran ahead and returned with bespoke banana-leaf umbrellas for our heads. My flip-flops got stuck in the mud, I lost the thingy part, bikinis pinged open; Gede fell face first in the mud, slipping, smiling ear to ear, laughing so hard, that if I’m being totally open (which is what my blog is all about right) I wee’d a little. Tears of laughter streaming down our faces. This was a moment of pure ecstatic happiness and joy, a moment I will cherish forever, I hope we all can let go and just be one with mother nature and the amazing elements. The rain is so powerful, without it, there would be no human life, no animals no plants.

 “I am grateful for the rain because it allows things to grow.”

One day one, one big adventure, a million lessons learnt a grateful heart.

Miracles do come true when you truly believe, we all deserve miracles.

You are beautiful and amazing, please tell yourself you are, you can achieve your life’s desires, we will learn a million lessons on the way, so please be kind to yourself, be proud of who you are.

Love and bananas

Just Mimi

P.S I have added some links above, to some of the places I visited, the products that I used, please let me know if you have any questions, I would love to hear your comments. Writing to me is all very new, but feels so very right, Follow your bliss. I will reply to you all very soon.

More beautiful Bali travels coming very soon……..

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Abbie Brill says:

    I was immersed in your blog from the very first sentence! Thankyou so much for sharing your wonderful exhilarating experience and the journey to find your true self. How inspirational! 💗
    I am so happy that you voiced out for the animals too, this is a huge passion of mine and I feel that these lovely creatures very much need our strength and love to protect them. To stand up for what is right!
    Also thankyou for being so openly honest and admitting you had weed yourself whilst laughing loud and hard! It’s so refreshing to see someone so true about life.
    Keep up the good work. Your getting your inspirational message out there and it’s truly magical! Thankyou 💋💋

    Liked by 1 person

    1. justmimi says:

      Hello Abbie, thank you for such a inspirational comment, I am loving writing and I am opening my heart and telling it all. I do still have my insecurities about my writing, criticising myself, but your beautiful comments helps me to continue.
      Wishing you a magical day

      Love and bananas ❤️🍌

      Just Mimi 🌸💞🌺


  2. Cassie says:

    Another brilliant blog Mimi. You truly have a gift, your writing allows me to feel I’m part of your experience and I get to believe just for a moment I’m seeing the things you’ve seen. Thank you! Makes me think this stagnant place I’m in will be enlightened and one day very soon my own journey will begin. Much love and maybe a banana 🌸😘

    Liked by 1 person

    1. justmimi says:

      Hello beautiful, it’s wonderful that you enjoyed my story, thank you so much for your comment. You are already on your journey, and a amazing one, enjoy each moment, enjoy the journey, don’t think about the destination, just be in the now. You are truly beautiful and I am very blessed our paths have crossed.

      Have a magical day

      Love and bananas ❤️🍌

      Just Mimi 🌸💞🌺


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