What’s right and what’s wrong…

So last week a friend showed me an app to make you beautiful. I don’t usually fall for things like this but not gonna lie I loved the pics, just something about them made me feel perfect.

But then I had to take a moment to think, why am I doing this, is this wrong… am I lying to myself, being fake etc…

At the moment…I am pleased with my looks and feeling confident and sexy (wow did I actually just say that) after all the years of criticising myself, not feeling good enough, I have jumped a massive hurdle and can say I am enough, I come as I am, my imperfections and all, I love myself ❤️

I’m on a journey, and I will have ups and downs I’m sure, days when I feel great and days when I don’t, but that’s normal too…

So is it right or wrong to use these beautifying apps, effects on your photos? There is no right or wrong answer I believe.
Its how you feel inside about yourself, knowing you are beautiful. Staying true to yourself. Believing in yourself.

It’s a confusing one ☝️ I can’t really make sense of it, I just feel for people that so often compare themselves to the images we see in magazines and more often than not on social media. (I’m sure we all do this to some degree)
Please remember you’re the real beauty, be proud of who you are, your individuality, your uniqueness, tell yourself kind words, look in a mirror and smile. Compliment yourself, compliment your friends and family tell them what you love about them.
Beauty comes from within, not from a picture.
Have a beautiful, blissful day ❤️
Lots of love and bananas ❤️🍌

Just Mimi 🌸💞🌺

(How do you feel, what are your thoughts, share with 2 pictures, an edited and unedited, you are beautiful with and without the edits)

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