Follow your butterflies 

You have never tried yoga before, you are a beginner, you want to try but something is stopping you.

Trying something new can be a daunting experience, stepping out of your comfort zone in to the unknown, putting unwanted pressures on yourself, judging yourself, wondering will I be able to do this, will other people judge me, the list is endless.
We all face these fears on a daily basis, whether it be facing your fear of heights on a new ride, speaking in public, or going to your very first yoga class.
It is a familiar feeling we all understand on one level or another.

Why should I do yoga?
For exactly the reasons above, from the moment you step on the mat, you are most importantly giving yourself time, time we often forget. It’s not about how bendy you are, or what the person next to us can do, it’s about learning to love ourselves. 
“I accept myself as I am without judgment or criticism of myself”

All my classes are small groups, and I will guide you through the practice, you take everything at your own time, learning to listen to your body, after all this is your practice, not mine and not Jo blogs at the other side of the room. You will never be asked to do anything you don’t want. You take your practice however you feel in the present moment. I set an intention before my practice every time, sometimes I do want to challenge myself, sometimes I really want to let go, go to a magical place and forget everything outside, sometimes I don’t want to take things to serious, putting no pressure on myself. I am passionate about helping your love yourselves and see the strength you have inside. 
Yoga is not about the moves you do, it’s about the journey it takes you on.

Relax, breathe and let go.
Is Yoga for you?
Yoga is for everyone, the hardest part is that initial move and overcoming the fears and pressures you have put upon yourself, and getting yourself to class.
If you have any questions please do message me,be proud of who you are, love yourself. 
“Follow your butterflies” my words. 


Just Mimi 🌸💞🌺
Just Mimi on YouTube

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The love your small classes and that you constantly remind us that there is no pressures or judgment as I for one do need to be reminded.

    Thankyou for making it so much easier to follow my butterflies. 💜


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